Kamis, 18 November 2010

Nice Quotes

Ini ada beberapa kutipan yang sangat bangus menurut aku. Ini ku ambil dari twitter, tweetnya dari GodsDailyLove. Berikut beberapa kutipan yang gue ambil.. ^^

  • Pray.. Not just for wisdom, but for revelation and discernment. Wisdom is just a couple of flat words without those two!
  • There is a lesson in everything we go through. Stop for a second, and search for the lesson. If we learn it, God will set us free
  • Humility is being strong enough to accept you're not perfect. Pride is the panic of one's own insecurities.
  • Humility is strong. Pride is weak.
  • Don't confuse confrontation with controversy. Confronting a lie means you sense the absence of the truth.
  • God's timing is the best timing. He knows what's ahead. Without God, we are walking in the dark. He is the lamp for our feet!
  • Let God lead you to your dreams. Don't be fooled by those who offer faster shortcuts. Shortcuts are for the impatient

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